On this page I include a few links to pages that have helped me a lot. Feel free to visit these pages in order to gain an insight to how other people do things. I know I have learned a lot from them.

Joe Zeh is a master teacher when it comes to SketchUp.
After struggling with the program, I found this site and boy, did I learn a lot in a very short time.
Definitely worth a serious visit.
 Wood Whisperer
The Woodwhisperer

Mark is very serious about his craft.
With over 100 high quality video's on his site, there is a bag full of information and even more to learn.
Also worth considering joining "The Guild" for full instructions on some of the projects.
Wood Working For Mere Mortals

Steve is a  comic, but he is a real pleasure to watch in the workshop.
A practical man with a plan for unusual situations.
A visit to his page, video links and Face book page is a treat.

What a pleasure to design with this piece of software.
Being taught in 2D only, I did find it peculiar to switch, but once I overcame  the slight learning curve it became a joy. The free version with a few Plug-ins, is more than adequate for most needs.
Well worth considering.
TM Tools
This is a Walvis Bay based company for most of my tool requirements.
What a pleasure to shop here. Friendly staff and Tony, the owner, will go the extra mile to try and accommodate his customers. Everything from woodworking, metal working and most of the accessories are in stock, or if not they will go out of their way to accomodate you.

Partner Sites

eCabinet Systems

This is a very large and complete program. I stumbled upon it a couple of years ago while searching for software for cabinet design. An all-in-one program but with a fairly steep learning curve.
Check it out for yourself.

Cut optimization is a real pain when the job gets bigger. True, today your dealers do the cutting for you, but what if you want to run an optimization over the weekend? Or, you run a small shop in an area where cutting facilities are not available.
Thanks to Robert Denk, this will be your life line for optimal material use.

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